What varieties of curlers are there? How do you decide?


1. What varieties of curlers are there? How do I decide?


Curlers can be broadly categorized into three performance groups, such as ion clip, electric rod, and wireless (p.s. : although today many are ion clip and curling iron integrated into one), although their overall effects on the hair differ. The following will only discuss the differences between the three.


1.1. Use an ion clip to straighten, lengthen, and blacken unkempt hair.


Ion clips, commonly referred to as straighteners and hair clips, are devices that steadily reshape and iron the hair structure at high temperatures after clamping the hair between two heating plates. The entire ion clip can play a similar effect to the electric coil bar once the upper and lower sides of the plate are near together. This effect can be utilized to create a natural low-key little wave roll, playful hair and tail roll, and other shapes.


1.2. Electric rod: It may create stunning curls that are comparable to those achieved by expert ironing.


The front of the electric rod, also known as the electric coil rod or curling iron, can be heated uniformly to cause the hair coils to bend. The shape of the curly hair and the difficulty of use will both be directly impacted by the diameter of the coil rod. Therefore, before making a decision, please be sure to specify the effect you desire and the length of your hair.


1.3 Traveling while using a wireless hair conditioner allows for a range of shapes.


As long as the USB or AC charger is completely charged, the wireless hair dresser has the advantage of being portable and being usable whenever and wherever it is needed, especially when traveling between stylings.


2. Could hair curling accessory hurt hair?


Level hair stylers obliterate hydrogen securities in hair through high temperature to change the state of hair, yet high temperature will prompt hair fuzziness, delicacy, simple to break and different issues. Picking a smooth, uniformly warmed beautician can assist with limiting harm to your hair, and applying a protecting shower prior to styling can likewise assist with safeguarding your hair somewhat.


3, how to change the temperature of wavy hair?


The temperature of level hair curling irons ought to be set by the singular hair type. Fine and delicate hair is better at 130℃-150℃, coarse and hard hair can be changed somewhere in the range of 170℃ and 200℃. Albeit the temperature of numerous shapers can arrive at beyond what 200℃, high temperature can likewise make the demonstrating quicker and more self-evident, yet utilizing more than 200℃ temperature isn’t suggested. Exorbitant intensity can make hair become crimped and weak, and even consume hair.


 4. How to pick hair length and hair width?


The width alludes to the width of the warming board. There are different board sizes of the hair straightener, which mostly influences the sum and pressing season of each perm. In the event that the hair is above or right over the shoulder, a standard check with a board width somewhere in the range of 25mm and 35mm is reasonable. This size of the item volume is moderate and simple to work, and notwithstanding straight hair can likewise be made miniature wavy hair tail, water creased roll, little roll and different shapes, entirely reasonable for no experience of the fledgling to purchase a feeling of training.


5, how to make the demonstrating impact seriously enduring?


The styling of straight hair curling irons is for the most part dispensable and present moment. Expanding the time span you utilize the shaper on each strand of hair and utilizing styling showers and different items after the styling is finished can assist with keeping up with the styling impact for quite a while.



Post time: Nov-18-2022