Precautions for using hair straighteners

Just as every Girl has a curling iron in her hand, similarly, maybe every Girl also has a hair straightener in her hand. If you often use hair straighteners to improve your hairstyle, you should pay attention to the following precautions.

1. Use a hair straightener for multiple times on one piece of hair

Just like the number of mascara should not be applied too much, the number of times each hair touches the hair straightener is also particular, otherwise the hair quality will suffer because of your ignorance or carelessness.

2. Do not apply hair care products before straightening your hair

Many times, MMs can skip the hair care step and use the hair straightener directly when they are in a hurry, so the damage to the hair is self-evident. It is recommended that MMs apply some thermal vitality milk before the hair straightener to protect the hair from heat damage.

3. Pulled hair and rigid straight hair

Does straight hair really look good? It is recommended that MMs hold the hair straightener and draw a C-shape downward, so that the end of the hair can have a natural curvature.

How to curl hair with a straightener?

Beauty-loving Girl, do you know how to use a hair straightener to treat curly hair? In fact, it is not difficult. If you want to learn, read on, it only takes a few simple steps to get it done!

1. Use a hair straightener to straighten the hair on the top of the head to make it evenly divided.

2. After the hair is straightened, use a hair straightener to make an inward-curved C curl at the end of the hair.

3. With simple movements, you can get beautiful curly and straight hair. Finally, spray on the setting spray or nourishing water and go out to play.

4.In fact, if you just use a hair straightener to straighten your hair stiffly, who do you think will pay for such “noodles in clear soup”?

Do straighteners damage hair?
Hair straighteners do not harm hair quality, do you believe it? In fact, any tool that heats the hair will cause some damage to the hair, of course, the oil is another matter. SO, hair straighteners are really bad for hair.

So how to keep the hair from the “torture” caused by heating? It’s very simple, just apply various hair care products in advance, such as heat protection spray and heat energy vitality milk.

Heat protection spray. Whether you have straight or curly hair, a preventative spray is recommended, it protects hair from heat damage, and also helps to perfect styling.

Thermal Energizing Milk. Like the heat protection spray, it can also protect the hair quality. You only need to apply a little bit, not too much.

How to maintain the hair straightener

Although hair straighteners don’t cost much, you can’t just throw them away after use. Hair straighteners also need maintenance! How to do it?

1. Disconnect the hair straightener from the power supply.

2. Make sure the temperature of the hair straightener is at normal temperature to avoid accidental burns when touching it unintentionally.

3. Prepare pure cotton soft cloth or glasses cloth, dilute the neutral detergent with a small amount of water, soak the soft cloth and wring it dry, open the hair straightener splint, wipe the heating plate of the hair straightener with a soft cloth to remove the adhesion Scalp oil on top.

4. Wash the soft cloth with clean water, then wring out the soft cloth, and then wipe the hair straightener.

5. Finally, dry the hair straightener with a soft dry cloth, and put the hair straightener in a cool and dry place. The casing of the hair straightener should also be wiped clean.

Post time: Jan-17-2023