How to select a curling iron

1. Curling iron diameter

The diameter of the curling iron determines the curling effect, and knowing the difference in diameter will help you decide to buy.

There are 7 diameters of curling irons: 12mm, 19mm, 22mm, 28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm. Different diameters have different curling degrees and wave sizes.



Suitable for short hair, it can be used for perming wheat modeling or making explosive modeling.



It is suitable for medium and long hair, of which 22mm will look more retro because of its large curl.

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This diameter is also suitable for medium and long hair, with large waves, moderate curl, and full of fairy spirit.



These two diameters are suitable for long hair up to the waist, the curl is very small, and there is a lazy feeling


2. Curling iron material

The mai materials is ceramic coating and tourmaline coating.

The biggest advantage of ceramic coating is that it is heated evenly, and the temperature will not fluctuate, which can reduce the damage to the hair.

The tourmaline coating has the function of releasing negative ions on the basis of pure ceramics, which protects the hair to a certain extent during use.

On the surface, tourmaline is better, but in fact they are not, because tourmaline passively release a certain amount of negative ions, while most ceramic coating products are equipped with negative ion generators, which can actively release high-concentration negative ions.

3. Curling iron temperature

The curling iron mainly relies on high temperature to bend the hair. Different hair types have different applicable temperatures, so the temperature of the curling iron is very important.

Be sure to choose a curling iron with adjustable temperature. 3 adjustable temperatures are the most basic. Some high-quality products have more temperature choices, and the practicability will be better.

In actual use:

It is recommended to choose 120°C for easily damaged hair;

It is recommended to choose 160°C for slender and easily curly hair;

Thick and hard hair is recommended to choose 180 ℃.

4. Personalization Features

It is recommended to pay attention to the following 4 functions

①.Whether it can be used for straight curling, in addition to whether curly hair can be straightened.

②.Is there a negative ion emitter, negative ions can neutralize positive points, and can reduce hair damage during the curling process.

③. Whether it has a steam function, the steam function is very practical when the hair is curled at a high temperature above 140 ° C, it can provide a certain amount of moisture and protect the hair quality.

④. Whether it can be used wet or dry, wet hair can be styled, improving the efficiency of women going out.

Regarding the use of curling irons on wet hair, there are some research results that show that this will damage the hair, and girls choose according to their practical needs.

Post time: Nov-14-2022