How about Tinx HS-8006 Hair Brush? How to use Tinx HS-8006 Hair Brush?

How about Tinx HS-8006 Hair Brush?
This straightening hair brush can be said to be the most valuable thing I bought this year! Before buying, I compared many straight hair brushes, from cost performance to performance, and finally chose TINX HS-8006 . It has a total of 4 levels of temperature adjustment, and the heating speed is very fast, and it can be used in less than a minute. Generally, the third level is used. The temperature is just right without hurting the hair. It is much more convenient to use than the splint. It can smooth the frizzy hair in two minutes, and you can go out for a dating.

There is also a small trick, girls with slumped hair on the top of the head can use it to stay at the root of the hair for a while, so that the hair will be fluffy and not too sticky. It is really easy to use! Usually, using the hair dryer in the morning is troublesome and difficult to get started. This is all you need to do with a few combs! Both the inner button and the straight hair are easy to use and very natural. This professional negative ion hair brush is easy to operate and only takes 2 minutes to use. It is not easy to pull the hair and the styling time can last for more than 2 days. It is really a treasure that you will fall in love with once you use it.

How to use Tinx HS-8006 Hair Brush
I feel that this hair brush is easier to use than the traditional straightener. It has the function of negative ions, which does not damage the hair, and the styling is more durable. The amount of hair taken each time can also be more, so the styling is faster, which is very suitable for lazy people like me. Generally, it is directly used as a hairbrush, and you can easily have soft hair in the process of combing your hair. I personally think white looks really good! Pick it up and shake it to turn it on. You can adjust the temperature by yourself. After reaching the set temperature, there will be a beeping sound to remind you, which is very intimate. The heating plate is also made of titanium alloy. Compared with other straight clips, this one is more “gentle” and reduces damage to the hair. The edge of this straight clip is curved, and it can also be used for simple curly hair.
Today’s hairstyle steps:
1 First, use a hair brush to straighten the hair strand by strand.
2. Button all the ends of the hair inwards.
3 Take a bunch of hair on top of your head and tie it up, pinching it a little.
4Take a bunch of hair on each side and tie it up and tuck the hair into the middle hole.
5 Pull the previous bundle of hair out of the middle hole as well.
6 Pinch both strands of hair tightly.
7 It is more natural to pull some small pieces, and you can push the hair of the braid above to both sides, which is more energetic and playful! Finished!

Post time: Oct-31-2022