Hair Straightener Usage

Many people think that hair straighteners are just for straightening, but in fact, they have many uses. Let me share with you the homework I did, the usage of straight clips!
1. Big Wavy Curls
In fact, straight iron can clip romantic big wavy hair, sometimes even more natural and beautiful than ordinary curling irons.
The method is not difficult, just wrap the hair around the straight iron clip, stay for a few seconds, and then release it, but it is more time-consuming.
2. Air bangs
When Korean-style air bangs were popular before, the two must-have items were barrel-shaped bangs hair curlers and bar clips. When you are in a hurry to go out, if you don’t have time to curl your bangs, just use a straight iron clip.
If you want curved air bangs, just clamp the base of the bangs with a straight clip and slide down along the bangs. You don’t need to slide very slowly or the arc will be large.
3. Bazi bangs
I have tried many times but failed with the eight-character bangs, which are really beautiful. I admire the time spent by Korean girls on their hair every morning!
4. Short hairstyle
It is really important to take care of short hair. The straight iron can not only straighten the hair, create a slight arc at the end of the hair, but also make gentle waves
5. Small Wavy Rye Curls
It’s not impossible to create small waves with straight clips! It’s just that the technique is more complicated, and you need to keep turning the straight clip

Post time: Nov-26-2022