Dyson hair straightener, can straighten and perm at low temperature?

In October 2018, Dyson released the Airwrap hair styler in the United States. Although this machine had not been released in China at the time, it soon swept women by virtue of its unique shape and disruptive technology of “relying on wind rather than ironing”. The circle of friends of consumers has caused a lot of grass planting, commonly known as “Dyson curling iron”.

On March 10, 2020, Dyson released another Corrale hair straightener live in the United States. The shape of this machine is not too different from most of the straight clips we usually see, and the modeling principle also relies on high temperature heating。


Dyson, where is your pride in making “wind”?

This machine looks unremarkable, and it doesn’t seem to be much different from traditional straight bar folders. However, it took Dyson 7 years to develop this product, and the research and development investment of this item alone was as high as 25 million pounds, which did not count the hair science laboratories that cost more than 100 million pounds to build around the world.

When Dyson promoted this product, the main selling point was: while improving the styling experience, it reduces damage by 50%, and you can switch between corded and cordless at will.

Cordless is an advantage of expanding usage scenarios, but it is not uncommon. There are also some products in China that can be charged and portable. But how does the “50% damage reduction” work?


First of all, we need to know that, except for the Airwrap released by Dyson, most of the straight irons/curling irons are based on high temperature heating to open hydrogen bonds and disulfide bonds, thus destroying the original structure inside the hair. During the heating process, the hair can be changed into different shapes by manipulating the machine, such as straightening by pulling down vertically, and curling by turning the wrist.

The shape of the straight clip determines that its application range is much larger than that of the cylindrical curling iron. It can be straightened, it can be slightly ironed, and it can be made into casual and lazy Korean-style eight-character bangs. It can be used to complete the inner button of the hair tail, and it can only clip the root part to make the overall outline fluffy and three-dimensional. As long as you are patient, you can go section by section. You can even make big waves or instant noodle rolls and so on.

These different shapes all depend on the way the user uses the heat conduction plate to clamp the hair, so the key to whether the straight plate can complete the shape lies in two points: temperature and tension.


The Corrale hair straightener is one of the straight irons, so the straightening and curling functions that ordinary straight irons can achieve can also be performed. The core technical principle of its damage reduction is that the two flexible elastic plates that directly contact the hair are made of six metals, manganese, copper, aluminum, iron, tin, and nickel. They not only have high strength and thermal conductivity, but also have Flexible, can change shape freely.

The heat conduction plate of the traditional straight clamp is usually a fixed metal plate, and some brands may add ceramic coating, but generally speaking, it is basically two hard straight planes roughly parallel. When the user puts in a strand of hair, the central polymeric part can be thoroughly heated, but there are usually scattered hair strands on both sides, because they are not a whole group and “wander” in this large gap, unable to fit the heat conduction plate .


Therefore, when the traditional straight clip is used, the central part of the hair is heated to a high temperature, but the remaining parts on both sides are not only insufficiently heated, but also not really “clamped”, so it cannot be deformed by pulling the machine. This leads to the user having to take out the missing part of the hair and reheat it again, or use a higher temperature to complete the overall shape. This has led to the fact that the straight clips we usually see are often 180°C-210°C, because manufacturers need to allow users to reduce steps and achieve “straightening with one pull”.

And when you take a strand of hair and put it into the Corrale hair straightener and press it, the flexible elastic plate will automatically adjust according to the shape of the hair, fitting and tightly wrapping the entire strand of hair. The hair on both sides is also pressed tightly, which means that they can get the same heating temperature and are directly affected by the user’s pulling force. When the straight iron clip can fully contact and heat and deform all the hair strands put in by the user every time, it no longer needs to rely on such a high temperature to achieve rapid styling.


According to Dyson, they used 3690 prototypes internally before launching the product, and did multiple tests on Asian real hair. Locking Corrale’s flexible elastic plate into a hard straight plate as a control group, experiments have shown that the hair straightening effect of the flexible elastic plate group at 165°C is comparable to that of the hard straight plate group at 210°C. Under the same complete styling effect, compare their hair strength after multiple stylings, and use broken hair as a sign, and finally get the data that reduces damage by 50%.

In order to ensure that the actual temperature applied to the hair is consistent with the setting, Dyson also made an integrated induction system, which feeds back to the central microprocessor, and the microprocessor then controls the heating system to adjust the temperature of the flexible elastic plate every second. About 100 times.

The shape and manipulation of the straight clip are more friendly to novices than the round curling iron; the function of pulling and curling greatly broadens the scope of application; coupled with the product’s selling point of reducing damage, Corrale may be Will be more popular than Airwrap. But what the specific effect is, you have to get started to use it to know.

This product is currently priced at $499.99, or about 3475 yuan, and the National Bank version should be priced in the range of 3690-3890 yuan.

Post time: Jan-03-2023