Common issues when using a curling iron for your daily life


Common issues when using a curling iron


1. The temperature of a curling iron

Long hair is actually very simple to get, so keep the temperature of the curling iron as close to 120°C as you can while still using some hair care products beforehand. Damaged 120°C , healthy 160°C , and resistant 200°C are the available temperatures; however, the temperature should not be too high as this will harm the hair. such as nutritional care liquid, wash-in styling liquid, etc.


2. The curling iron result

The curling iron can only hold the curl for two to three days if you don’t wash your hair, so you should be careful with your exercise routine after using the curling iron. Instead of overexerting yourself, try performing several groups of easy yoga poses. It’s also advised to tie your hair up to keep it out of the water when washing your hair. Twice a week is the suggested limit for curling iron use.



3. Hair damage caused by curling irons

When used sparingly, curling irons cause little damage to hair; however, excessive use might cause considerable damage. A type of DIY hair styling appliance is the curling iron. After turning on the electric heater, curl the hair for 30 seconds with the heated rod, then let go to make it look curly. Your hair won’t suffer any severe harm from occasional use.


4. Follow curling iron steps

a. Take a strand of hair first.


b. Curl the hair area starting from the bottom up while holding the curling iron horizontally.


c. Curl your hair to a distance of 2 cm from the roots, hold the curl for 3 to 4 seconds, and then let it go once it has heated through evenly.


d. Tighten the curling iron to examine how it affects the way your hair looks. Similarly treat other hair.


Post time: Nov-04-2022