Can We Carry Hair Curling Iron Products on the Plane or on the High Speed Rail Train?

You can carry curling iron as your own routine , I generally put it in the bag, over the machine, the inspector will let you take out a to do separate check.Don’t worry about it, they can also check ah, but it will be better not carry a battery charging one , because it may not meet the standards of shipping rules.
General aircraft are not allowed to consign the following contents:
Carry-on or consigned items of the following are prohibited in China:
1. Guns, military or police armory (including main parts and components) and imitation products;
2. Explosive items, such as ammunition, pyrotechnic products, blasting equipment and their imitation products;
3, control tool;
4, flammable, explosive goods, such as matches, lighters (gas), alcohol, paint, gasoline, kerosene, benzene, pine oil, cigarette cake, etc.;
5, corrosive goods, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, liquid battery, etc.;
6, toxic products, such as cyanide, highly toxic pesticides, etc.;
7, radioactive items, such as radioactive isotopes, etc.;
8. Other items that endanger flight safety, such as items with strong irritating odor and strong magnetization that may interfere with the normal operation of instruments on board, etc.
The following articles are prohibited to be carried on board civil aviation flights within the territory of China, but can be put in the checked baggage. Items that are not allowed to be carried on board but can be checked as baggage include:
1. Kitchen knife, fruit knife, large scissors, razor and other life knives;
2, scalpel, slaughtering knife, carving knife and other professional knives;
3. Knives, spears and swords for performing arts and art units;
4, with weighted or spiked cane, iron head hiking pole, baseball bat and other sports articles;
5. Tools such as axes, chisels, hammers, cones, wrenches and other sharp and blunt objects that can be used to endanger aircraft or the personal safety of others;
6. Liquid items that exceed the limit of the type or amount that can be carried with you.
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Post time: Oct-18-2022